About Us!

Ride With Locals is a fully licensed motorbike tour operator.

Ride with Locals organizes and operates motorcycle tours in the highlands of Iceland, arranging different types of trips for people who love to drive through our unique and spectacular terrain. Equipped with Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690 dual sport bikes and expert guides, we specialize in tour design, unforgettable travel operation excursions and excellent service.

Why Choose Us?

We are two friends born and raised in Selfoss, South Iceland, and since we were kids we’ve been riding off-road motorcycles into the mountains and highlands, exploring Iceland’s spectacular nature.

We have a great passion for Adventure bike and nature. We have been friends for years and during that time we have explored many of the best routes and secret locations of our country. Now we want to share that with you. Who doesn’t love its beautiful landscape!!